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Lisa Williams Recognized as Top Corporate Leader

February 2017

Congratulations to PBD’s Senior Vice President of Operations, Lisa Williams, for being recognized as one of the Top 35 Corporate Leaders by LEAD (Leadership Excellence and Development) at their annual conference awards ceremony.

The LEAD Awards recognizes and celebrates top leadership and organizations globally that have the best use of or the best internally created leadership development programs. The Top Corporate Leader Award recognizes 35 individuals who do outstanding work in corporate leadership with a vision for the future.

Since joining the PBD team in 2000, Lisa Williams has continued to make exceptional contributions to PBD’s success year after year while being an effective, inspiring leader and strong representative of the company values.

As Senior Vice President of Operations, Lisa is responsible for the operations and management of PBD’s distribution centers, client services team, contact center and human resources. She oversees talent management as well as PBD’s current high levels of service, while preparing for future growth and opportunities. During her tenure, Lisa had led initiatives in the investment of PBD and its employees including introducing an employee wellness program, several internal leadership and training programs and operational transitions and improvements to PBD’s operations across all facilities.

“Lisa holds herself to a rigorous standard of excellence and encourages our employees to do the same. She serves as a great mentor and coach to her team through actions and contributions to PBD every day.” said Scott Dockter, President/CEO of PBD Worldwide.

About LEAD

HR.com's annual LEAD conference brings together SVPs, VPs and CLOs at the most exhilarating and rewarding event of the year. LEAD is constantly thriving to equip individuals in HR with the insights and tools required to be better leaders in the world today. We aim to create a world inspired, so all attendees can walk away from this event ready to take measurable action that will impact the lives of those they lead. Every aspect of this event raises the bar in leadership. We exist to put leadership back on the radar in HR, strong leaders are needed in our businesses, organizations, communities and personal lives. We bring you a group of individuals that possess leadership in a multitude of ways. Every speaker has something new to bring to the table, prepare to witness some of the most thought provoking speakers of our time.