Maricela Bachan

Account Coordinator

As an Account Coordinator, Maricela serves as the main point of contact for her clients and is responsible for day to day activities. Every day is different for each client; reports, projects, strategizing to increase revenue, helping them to identify opportunities and overseeing their products and services. She works closely with her clients to build mutual respect and trust. Maricela relies on a great team of colleagues that all contribute to her clients' ultimate success.

Maricela earned an Associate of Arts in Political Science from Miami-Dade College and then went on to attend Florida International University and continued her studies in political science and constitutional law.

One of the highlights of her career was in 1989 when the company she worked for became the first non-Japanese company to win the prestigious Deming Prize for excellence in quality. Coming to PBD has given her another glimpse of everyone working together to provide excellence by way of customer service and quality processes. When she came to PBD, Maricela jumped in head first and her greatest accomplishments here have been the relationships she has built with her clients and the quality service that she prides herself on providing every day.

In her crazy and fast paced life, Maricela finds humble peace when she attends mass on a quiet Saturday afternoon. When she is not working, her favorite place to be is with her daughter or catching up with her son, whose daily phone calls from college light up her world. Maricela loves to cook for her family, friends, and co-workers. She enjoys reading to unwind at night after a long day. Zumba and any kind of dancing is her 'me time’!