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Yolanda Morgan

Training & Development Manager

Yolanda Morgan joined the PBD team in 2016. As Training & Development Manager, Yolanda is responsible for the development and facilitation of PBD's training programs. She leads PBD's continuing education program, PBD University, as well as other programs including training client users on PBD's systems and providing them with the documentation and procedures necessary to be successful.

Yolanda spent nearly two decades traveling the country, motivating and facilitating training for more than 15,000 employees. Lapping the U.S. by ground transportation more than fifteen times has instilled a broad understanding of people and the variances of American culture. These experiences have made her an adept communicator, capable of delivering learning plans cross functionally. With PBD's diverse employee group, diverse client portfolio and commitment to values, Yolanda's unique strengths aid her in the role of "chief people person" and training conductor.

Outside of work, Yolanda maintains a permanently busy lifestyle. She is improving literacy in underserved communities as a coach with Hands On Atlanta Discovery Program, serves as a hostess for women's shelter events with Atlanta Mission Shelter and  is a child care center manager for ESL programs with LaAmistad. International and domestic travel, culture and cuisine are among her favorite indulgences. Her hobbies and interests are geared toward engaging people, creating experiences, and generally being "in the mix". She enjoys live sporting events and collecting jerseys from all the pro-sports stadiums she has visited; among them 17 NFL stadiums, 7 NBA arenas, 3 NHL arenas, 1 UEFA field.