Contact Center Services

Make your first impression one to a good way. 

We all know that the first impression can be a lasting one. This is all the more reason why finding the right partner to handle your customer care is vital. After all, you are entrusting them with your most valuable asset - your customers. 

Since 1976, the world's most recognized organizations have trusted PBD Worldwide to act on behalf of their brand. Our total order management solution allows you to focus on what you do best without the worry of negatively impacting your customer experience. Our flexible contact center is staffed with knowledgeable agents that are highly trained in the particulars of your business. We are open extended hours, equipped to handle multiple interaction types and have multilingual agents available. Our agents are cross-trained on multiple accounts, with options for dedicated agents, to eliminate impact during volume spikes or peak selling seasons.

We don't just view customer service as taking orders or answering questions. Instead, we view each customer interaction as an opportunity to engage, increase loyalty and increase sales. We offer a variety of programs including cross-sell/up-sell programs, conference registration options and membership management. 


Highly-trained Agents

Our agents are trained on your business rules and participate in "lightning lessons" weekly to stay up-to-date on volume fluctuations, upcoming promotions and/or new products. On-staff trainers serve as liaisons between clients and contact center team to ensure continuity.

Advanced Technology

Telephone and routing technology allows us to handle calls promptly and accurately. Our CSRs benefit from dual screen computers, which allows them easy access to information on processes and FAQs to control the call and keep talk-times in check.


Flexible Options & Programs

Our contact center team is equipped to handle seasonal fluctuations by cross-training team members on multiple accounts. Clients also have the option for a dedicated contact center team. Other available services include outbound calling, cross-selling and accounting services.

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