Fulfillment & Freight Services

The customer experience doesn't end after an order is placed - providing a good order fulfillment experience is part of the total package and can make or break your business. Ensuring customers received what they want, when they want it is vital to increasing sales and gaining customer loyalty.

Integrated technology paired with our worldwide footprint brings efficiency to the order fulfillment process and streamlines costs, ensuring the best representative of your brand every time. As your 3PL provider, we strive to learn your business and customize our services to fit your specific needs.

Providing top notch customer service to both you and your customers, is at the heart of PBD Worldwide's mission. We design our facilities with your business in mind. We offer same-day shipping from our six facilities throughout the United States and most packages are delivered within two business days. Our multi-client facilities are prepared and trained to handle volume fluctuations effectively from both a staff and space scalability perspective. 


Speed & Accuracy

Same-day order fulfillment available from our six facilities throughout the U.S. With processes in place to ensure inventory and order accuracy, you will have peace of mind that your customers are receiving the right packages at the right time.
Reduce overall transportation and shipping spend with our comprehensive transportation management solutions.

Value-Add Services

Our value-add services include   customized packaging and marketing inserts, kitting, and robust reporting.



Hassle-Free Returns

Let us handle your entire returns process on your terms. Our returns processing services allow us to process the return based on your custom return policy. If a return falls outside your policy, our system will alert the clerk that additional steps need to be taken.

Our Fulfillment Centers

PBD Worldwide has six domestic distribution centers totaling in over 550,000 square feet of space. Our nationwide fulfillment network provides two-day ground delivery to almost anywhere in the U.S. and allows you to split inventory across facilities to provide faster shipping options to customers at a reduced cost.

Each of our distribution centers provides efficient, organized and accurate processes and procedures, along with a safe, clean environment. 

PBD Fulfillment Locations Map - US



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