Order Fulfillment Technology Solutions

Fulfillment & shipping technology connecting brands and consumers to create a unified order experience.


Order & Inventory Management

PBD provides e-commerce companies a seamless order fulfillment solution to better manage their customer experience. We offer multiple methods for receiving orders and integrate with most popular CRM software solutions, e-commerce platforms and marketplaces to automate the order fulfillment process. Check out our integration guide for more information.


PBD's user friendly, web-based application, PBD EasyAccess®, gives you back-end access to our Oracle order fulfillment system. Process and manage orders, get instant, up-to-the-minute information on your business performance, orders and inventory levels. We designed Easy Access® with your customers in mind. Provide call scripts and links to FAQs, so customer service reps can provide quick, accurate information. Flexible search options and an intuitive interface create an advanced order management system you, your employees and customers will love.



PBD SmartReports® is our browser based business intelligence solution used to analyze sales and inventory information. Data in this user friendly solution is provided in intuitive formats and is refreshed every night so analysis of changes in sales and inventory can be done right away. Within PBD SmartReports® there are over 300 report variations that provide information on sales, order activity, marketing/source codes, and inventory usage statistics. The software features interactive dashboards, forecasting tools, and what-if functionality, along with wizard-driven report development functionality.



Transportation Management System

PBD's non-asset transportation brokerage division, Freight Scouts, offers a transportation management system that serves as the backbone for the brokerage operation.  It provides a single platform to perform carrier rate quotes that rank carriers by transit and cost; create shipments with automatic dispatch to selected carriers; and provide tracking/status updates with optional alerts that notify parties of events during transit; and more.


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