40 Things Our Partners Are Saying About Us (Part 1)

by Jeanna Courter on August 8, 2016

PBD Worldwide celebrates 40 years in business this October and we could not be more excited for this milestone. To help celebrate, we will be doing a four part feature highlighting 40 Things Our Partners Are Saying About Us

We feel so fortunate to have the support of loyal employees and partners. Thank you to all our partners who submitted/continue to submit their thoughts and kind words as our 40th Anniversary approaches. It is your continued support and confidence in us that has allowed us to reach this milestone.

Check out what our partners had to say:

1. "Working with PBD has been a great experience for our organization. You guys have worked tirelessly to sharpen your processes to better serve us and our customers. Looking forward to our continued partnership in the years to come!" 

2. "Our ministry can always count on PBD for superior service and quality delivery of resources! You are an extension of our ministry...Thank you for being part of our team and helping us spread the Gospel of Christ! And I must add, Lori Blackburn and Gina Wilson are absolutely the best!!" 

3. "We know first-hand how committed PBD is to providing tailored services to improve and expand solutions that help us grow our business. PBD has been recognized for many awards along the way, and rightly so; they have always been responsive to our needs. PBD continues to evolve to meet stakeholder demands. We are proud to call PBD our business partner; we value our relationship with them and look forward to what the future brings." 

4. "PBD is one of our Champions of Yes! You play a huge part in serving our mission to people with arthritis. Thank you!" 

5. "Superb organization from top to bottom. PBD's ability to ship our product on time and accurately allows us to maintain our SLA that we promise to our students." 

6. "Congratulations PBD Worldwide on 40 years in business. Companies like yours are built on the hard work and integrity of faithful employees who strive each day to "get it done and then some." Thank you for your partnership with Kingdom Connection in helping us reach the world with the gospel. We are believing the best years are ahead for you as you continue to grow. God bless you!" 

7. "Our association commends PBD on 40 years of extraordinary service. Our partnership has meant excellent customer service to our bankers. We appreciate all that you do for us. Thanks to Lori Blackburn, Gina Wilson and Dawn Stephens for taking care of our account. And many thanks to all of the PBD staff members who support their efforts. And special thanks to Brion Zaeh and Scott Dockter. Your leadership has been instrumental to PBD’s success. Happy 40th Anniversary!" 

8. "Our organization is proud to have been among the very first customers of PBD! Throughout our 40-year working relationship, PBD and our organization have enjoyed an outstanding partnership. Together, we have served hundreds of thousands of employees pursuing professional education in the insurance and financial services industry around the world. We appreciate the commitment to service excellence exhibited throughout PBD and congratulate your fine organization on this important milestone!" 

9. "Having just completed a complex implementation that involved all aspects of the publishing activities of our organization, let me say I'm totally gobsmacked by the dedication, professionalism, and relentless attention to detail of the PBD staff. All the points of integration (production, fulfillment, customer service, accounts receivable, eCommerce) in the two organization's nexus were handled with complete alacrity. But what was most impressive was the team spirit and can-do attitude that prevailed as we cycled through this intensive implementation. PBD is truly a first-class operation, staffed from top to bottom by professionals who demonstrate genuine concern and regard for their clients on a daily basis." 

10. "Congratulations on your 40th Anniversary. We have enjoyed and appreciated the working relationship that we have experienced with you over these past years. We've grown to see you as part of our team in our materials distribution operations. May the next 40 years see continued growth and success." 

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