40 Things Our Partners Are Saying About Us (Part 2)

by Jeanna Courter on August 22, 2016

PBD Worldwide celebrates 40 years in business this October and we could not be more excited for this milestone. To help celebrate, we will be doing a four part feature highlighting 40 Things Our Partners Are Saying About Us (click here to see Part 1)

Check out what our partners had to say (Part 2):

11. "PBD has been a true partner with our organization over the last 13 years. You treat our customers as your own, and are always looking for ways to help us improve and move our business forward! Congratulations on 40 years and here's to many, many more!"

12. "'PBD' is a noun, but it is also a verb. As in: Just PBD and it's done. That has been my experience. PBD is synonymous with action that leads to excellence. They are a critical partner in our organization's success."

13. "PBD has been an awesome partner to work with. Customer service is superb and when mistakes are made they are quick to rectify. PBD employees are always willing to go beyond what is expected to ensure we are satisfied. I look forward to many more years of working together."

14. "I am deeply grateful for the longstanding partnership between our company and PBD. The services of PBD have consistently gone above and beyond my expectations and enabled our ministry to operate more efficiently and effective. But perhaps even more impressive has been the leadership within PBD. I've never witnessed a more humble and hard working staff. It truly is an honor working with PBD!"

15. "PBD Worldwide offers an all in one solution for assembly, packaging, warehousing, and distribution, which allows us to focus on our core objectives. By partnering with PBD Worldwide, our company is able to focus more on core competencies while being ensured that our logistics needs are being handled by reliable, seasoned professionals. Partnering with PBD Worldwide to manage our logistics frees up resources to concentrate on the key areas that grow and develop our business – relieving the burden of day-to-day operational logistic problems."

16. "Our company is required to send different types of letters to clients throughout the year in a timely manner. PBD has been instrumental in helping us accomplish this requirement over the past several years whether on a recurring basis or on very short notice. PBD has mailed out our small letter files containing only a few letters as well as our large files containing over 100,000 letters. We have very pleased with the quality of the letters. I would also like to thank Martha Cousin for being so helpful no matter how urgent our requests are at times."

17. "The relationship with PBD over the 10 years has been great! Everyone takes pride in their work and it shows. They go out of their way to address and ensure the smallest of issues are resolved. GREAT JOB to everyone and CONGRATULATIONS on your 40th Anniversary!"

18. "PBD has been a great partner for many many years. Your excellent service with our online store, fulfullment, call center, mailings and printing have allowed us to bless many pastors and churches. I can't say enough kind words for our amazing account rep Lori Blackburn. She is alwaying going the extra mile to meet our needs and she does it with a smile. You might not realize how much you are valued but believe me you are. Thank you."

19. "Just wanted to say thanks to the great support we receive from the PBD team. Especially Martha Cousin and Mark Durbin!"

20. "Grateful for PBD and their desire to help us bless our customers. We look forward to continuing our partnership in the future."

We feel so fortunate to have the support of loyal employees and partners. Thank you to all our partners who submitted/continue to submit their thoughts and kind words as our 40th Anniversary approaches. It is your continued support and confidence in us that has allowed us to reach this milestone.


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