High Density Storage Solutions in the Warehouse

by Jeanna Courter on December 19, 2017

At PBD, we are constantly innovating to come up with solutions and processes that make us more efficient and best fit our clients needs. With the e-commerce and consumer goods industries booming, we noticed our standard pick locations may not be the best fits for all types of products. We needed a better solution for clients with a high number of SKUs, but a lower quantity of inventory on hand for each item. This is where high density storage cells came in.

PBD Worldwide utilizes high density storage cells to help consolidate the physical footprint for certain accounts in our distribution centers. This storage solution utilizes all the space available in our racks, creating more pick locations. Our standard pick locations typically hold around 40 SKUs per 11-foot bay where our high density storage cells can fit hundreds of SKUs in the same 11-foot bay.

These cells are customized to fit our client’s product. It works great for accounts with high SKU counts, such as apparel, that would take up a large portion in our fulfillment center. It also reduces the distance the picker would travel with our traditional storage locations, so orders can be processed faster.

Join John Hill, PBD's Business Process Specialist, has he highlights these high density storage cells and how they are benefiting PBD's partners.


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