40 Things Our Partners Are Saying About Us (Part 3)

by Jeanna Courter on September 8, 2016

PBD Worldwide celebrates 40 years in business this October and we could not be more excited for this milestone. To help celebrate, we will be doing a four part feature highlighting 40 Things Our Partners Are Saying About Us (click here to see Part 1 and Part 2)

Check out what our partners had to say (Part 3):

21. "PBD has growth, innovation to customers is appreciated. I can't recall anyone else in business ever calling me on Thanksgiving and thanking me for being a customer!"

22. "Congratulations PBD Worldwide on 40 years of excellence! We greatly appreciate the services you provide, but more importantly, we appreciate the staff and leadership. You are what makes PBD Worldwide a great company and a valued partner."

23. "'PBD Worldwide is one of our highly respected vendors. We appreciate the excellent service provided to our organization, especially the focus on a streamlined process for our employees."

24. "What a great team to be able to work with. True professionals!!!"

25. "Over the past decade, Mike Roberts and the PBD Premium Services Team has helped our organization distribute over 40 million devotionals across the United States. WOW! This team has truly been remarkable. We couldn't be happier with the successful partnership that we have had with PBD and look forward to another great decade!"

26. "Congratulations PBD Worldwide on your 40th anniversary - a remarkable achievement!  Believe it or not, our company has been your loyal customer for over twenty of those 40 years. Companies like yours with a brilliant team of dedicated workers can only aim for high results. You have achieved tremendous growth and working with you has been a real honor. You have always kept customer satisfaction as a high priority."

27. "I love working with PBD because you guys are SO helpful! We are pretty nitpicky with our mailings and Michelle does everything she can to help us make sure they are exactly as envisioned. We've also had a number of process changes, which I know can be frustrating, but the attitude from PBD is always just 'Let's figure out how to make this work.' It is a real pleasure to work with such a friendly and accommodating Account Coordinator and company!"

28. "Congratulations on 40 years! We’ve appreciated your insight and dedication to our members. Keep up the good work." 

29. "The Customer Service and order fulfillment process is now working better than ever at Bolingbrook. The staff at PBD really seems to care about our account and customers.  We are getting better service today and very quick responses to our questions and urgent requests. Keep up the good work!"

30. "It is a pleasure working with PBD. They treat us like family but are professional in every way. I especially enjoy working with Jonathan, Lori, and Tonya. They are the BEST!!!!! Looking forward to many more years."

We feel so fortunate to have the support of loyal employees and partners. Thank you to all our partners who submitted/continue to submit their thoughts and kind words as our 40th Anniversary approaches. It is your continued support and confidence in us that has allowed us to reach this milestone.


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