40 Things Our Partners Are Saying About Us (Part 4)

by Jeanna Courter on October 20, 2016

Today marks 40 years in business for PBD Worldwide. We are excited and proud of this accomplishment and would like to thank all our employees, clients and partners who supported us over the years - we could not have done it without you.  

To help celebrate, we asked our partners to submit to our 40 Things Our Partners Are Saying About Us (click here to see Part 1Part 2 and Part 3)

Check out what our partners had to say (Part 4):

31. "Our organization been doing business with PBD for almost half of the years they have been in business. In that time, PBD has supported us through our growth by providing great staff, resources and processes. They regularly look for industry improvements that will support their clients. Plus, they help set an example of a great place to work by making it engaging and rewarding." 

32. "From the beginning we have asked PBD to provide services that were out of the scope of their normal business.  I'm happy to say that PBD has been able to meet the challenging and ever-changing needs of our organization for many years. With the help of PBD, we continue to make huge strides in our goal of ending hunger and poverty."

33. "PBD has been an instrumental partner in helping us grow our client's program. We've seen double digit growth every year since we started working together 3 years ago. This growth represents millions of dollars which is going to help fund heart related research. Thank you for being Heart Heroes!"

34. "Congratulations on 40 years!!! You should be very proud of the growth you have achieved over these years. You have built your company through hard work and service. The community has appreciated your generous sponsorship of youth sports and the sponsorship of many other charitable events."

35. "Congratulations on your anniversary! Thank you for the many years of great service and support."

36. "PBD continues to be creative and innovative, staying ahead of the curve.  PBD's success over the past 40 years is attributed to a strong leadership with a vision for the future."

37. "PBD has been a wonderful partner with us in our mission.  Amanda, Gabe, and now Lori (and April, too!) have served us very well." 

38. "Best of luck for another 40+ years of excellent service and partnership."

39. "Working with our Account Coordinator, Michelle, and the rest of the team in Duluth has been a pleasure. I credit Michelle for strengthening the ASQ/PBD partnership to what it is today. She is true professional that understands the importance of doing the job right." 



We feel so fortunate to have the support of loyal employees and partners. It is your continued support and confidence in us that has allowed us to reach this milestone.

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